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NOCO Genius Multi-Purpose Charging

Welcome to the new generation of Genius.

Our most advanced battery charger yet. Its a charger, maintainer, and desulfator. And it’s incredibly powerful and compact.

Do more with one charger.

Effortlessly charge multiple battery voltages (6-Volt and 12-volt lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries) chemistries (Flooded, gel, maintenance-free and AGM batteries) and types (Starter, deep-cycle, marine, powersport and more).

Worry free year-round charging.

Completely automatic from start to finish, no technical knowledge required. Genius will safely charge any battery. Detect damaged batteries and intuitively repair them. And actively monitor for long-term battery maintenance and extend battery life. This system allows for continuous operation without user intervention, and zero risk of overcharging your battery.

Incredibly Smart.

An integrated thermal sensor monitors fluctuations in the temperature and automatically adjusts the charging cycle to provide a more accurate and fully charged battery. Smart indicators quickly detect when the battery charger is connected in reverse polarity, connected to an incompatible battery, or if the battery is failing.

More Powerful. More Compact.

Compact, yet powerful battery charger, welcome to the all-new Genius series. Improved charging with more performance and more automation than ever before. A mix of electrical engineering and industrial design pack a powerful battery charger into a tiny footprint.

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