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Go beyond smart charging.

The Numax range of Connect and Forget battery chargers are easy to use and hassle free. Just connect the battery to the charger using the 3 pin plug and turn the charger on. Once turned on the battery charger will check the state of the battery and select the correct charging cycle.

The Connect and Forget chargers are designed to bulk charge as well as float charge, making it one of the leading chargers in today`s mobility market. Once the battery is 100% charged the LED light will turn GREEN to indicate that the battery is ready to use.

A regulated trickle charge voltage of no more than 13.8 volts and less than 1 amp of current is given to maintain the battery at 100% of full operational capacity. The float charge will not boil or heat batteries but will maintain the battery charge at 100% readiness and will prevent cycling during long term inactivity.

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