How to charge a Lawnmower Battery

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Charging Your Lawnmower Battery

One of those typically annoying situation is if you’ve planned to mow the lawn, the sun is shining, when you turn the key and all you hear is …. well ….. nothing, due to a flat or discharged battery. Perhaps it wasn’t used for some time or your battery is getting older, either way, there a number of reasons why you have to charge your Lawnmower battery.

Assuming your battery is in a good enough condition to accept a charge, then the following steps will help you get your battery charged and ready to mow those lawns again very soon!

Finding The Correct Battery Charger

Most lawnmowers and lawn tractors use 12 volt batteries, some models built before 1980 might use a 6 volt battery, if this is the case please consult your owners manual.

Use an intelligent battery charger that matches the voltage of your battery. Use a battery charger of less than 10 amps, to avoid any potential damage to the battery due to the battery charger being to powerful.

Battery Charging

Disconnecting Your Battery Charger

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