How to change a Lawnmower Battery

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How To Change Your Lawnmower Battery

There maybe a few reasons why you want to remove your lawnmower or lawn tractor battery, perhaps you want to replace it, or for routine maintenance, maybe you just want to charge it, although you don’t necessarily need to remove the battery to do this.

Where is The Battery Located?

Firstly, you need to find where the battery is located on your lawnmower or lawn tractor. The battery location may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and also between models, but in most cases, you’ll find the battery in either the engine compartment or under the seat. If you are in doubt or struggling to locate it, then please refer to your owners manual.

Removing The Battery

When looking to remove the battery from your lawnmower or lawn tractor, it would be best to make sure you are prepared and have everything to hand. To safeguard your eyes and hands make sure you wear protective glasses and latex gloves are good for your hands, as they give the dexterity you need while protecting your hands.

You’ll probably want the following items: some rags, screwdriver, socket set with extension bar and if you need to clean the battery, cables and terminals, then a solution of water and baking soda will help clean everything.

After removing your battery, this might be a good time to clean the area the battery sits in and make sure it’s free of acid residue.

You can also check the battery cable and terminals to make sure there’s no corrosion or frayed wire, which will greatly reduce the power supply and cause problems when starting.

Installing The Lawnmower Battery

Before installing the battery, make sure the battery cables and terminals are clean and free of any corrosion. Clean the battery tray of any dirt or residue acid prior to installation.

Whether you are installing a brand new battery, or a battery you have had on charge, even a battery you have stored over the winter, make sure it is clean, undamaged and fully charged. Once you are happy your battery is ready to be installed, you can begin the process.

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