Upgrading to an AGM Battery

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Is upgrading to an AGM Battery worthwhile without automatic Start-Stop technology?

AGM batteries primarily utilise their high performance in combination with Start-Stop technology. However, the strengths of an AGM battery can also be used even if there is no Start-Stop system on board: This technology provides larger power reserves, from which conventional vehicles can also benefit, e.g. due to a longer service life of the battery.

Encapsulated AGM batteries are maintenance free and leak-proof, as the electrolyte of an AGM battery is bound in an absorbent separator made of glass fibres. No battery acid can escape, even if the battery is damaged. This prevents subsequent damage to the bodywork (e.g. rust) or other adjacent components.

Advantages of switching to an AGM Battery

As well as the advantages which have already been mentioned, there are other reasons to upgrade to an AGM battery. The following circumstances make replacement with an AGM battery advisable:

AGM Batteries – The first choice for light commercial vehicles

Urban trucks are also often provided with electrically powered components and special equipment. A conventional starter battery quickly reaches its limits and deteriorates due to decomposition of the active material which is relevant for its capacity. Due to the special design of the cells and a special mixture for the active material, an AGM battery can withstand more and deeper charging cycles than a conventional battery.

Automatic Start-Stop systems are more effective with an AGM battery

Vehicles with simple Start-Stop systems without recovery of braking energy (recuperation) are usually equipped with an EFB battery. However, even in this case, replacement with an AGM battery is worthwhile: The Start-Stop technology operates reliably and without malfunctions. Last but not least, AGM batteries impress with their high load capacity: Over its entire service life, an AGM battery has a better charge acceptance than an EFB battery.

Upgrade quick-check

If you have answered any of these questions with “yes”, an upgrade to an AGM is recommended.

Did you know?

Start-Stop technology equipped with an EFB battery only switches off the engine in 39%* of all cases in comparison with an AGM battery. The combination of an AGM battery and a Start-Stop system is economical, powerful and dependable.

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