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Our Tech videos focus on some of the more technical related topics and questions we get asked by customers. These videos are intended to quickly answer some of your common technical questions on Lithium batteries. Find the latest videos below and enjoy!


InSight Series48V Lithium Battery Unboxing

InSight SeriesLithium Battery Teardown

How Many InSight Series48V Batteries Do You Need

InSight SeriesLithium Battery – LED Function Tutorial

How To Install InSight SeriesRemote Button

InSight SeriesBattery Feature – Smart Hardware Design

Benefits of Parallel Connections With InSight Series

Legacy Series

The Experience Using Relion Lithium Vs Lead-Acid

Usable Capacity Explained

Upgrading To Lithium Batteries

Sizing Your Lithium Battery Bank

Mounting Lithium Batteries

Lithium Battery Cold Temperature Performance

Partial State of Charge With Lithium Batteries

LiFePO4 and The Environment

Max Continuous Rating Explained

Premature Lead-Acid Battery Failure

Part 1

Premature Lead-Acid Battery Failure

Part 2

HP Series

Relion’s High Performance Lithium Batteries

LT Series

Relion’s Low Temperature Lithium Batteries

Marine Power

Power Your Aquatic Adventure

Sailboat – Lithium Batteries and Why We Chose Them

Sailing Nandji: Why We Upgraded to Relion Lithium

Gone With The Wynns: Lithium Batteries and Why We Chose Them

Elite Series Pro Angler Explains Why He Uses Lithium Batteries

Recreational Power

Relion’s Outlaw 1072S Portable Power

What Can The Outlaw 1072S Power?

Recreational Vehicle

The Benefits of Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries For Your RV


Relion Lithium Batteries For Your RV Adventures

Which Battery is Right For My RV

What to Consider When Switching Your RV to Lithium

Charging With Your Alternator


Solar Panel Efficiency

Solar Panel Controllers Explained

Floor Cleaners

InSight Series™ Lithium Smart Batteries For Your Floor Cleaning Machine

Lithium Drop-In Replacement Batteries For Floor Cleaning Machines 

How To Install InSight Series24V Lithium Batteries In A Floor Machine


Recommended Battery Chargers For Relion Lithium Batteries

How Long Does It Take To Charge a Lithium Battery

Lithium Battery Charging – Voltage Range

Depth Of Discharge, State Of Charge & Capacity


LiFePO4 Battery Safety

Battery Management System (BMS)

Storing Your Lithium Battery

Technical Data Sheets – How To Read

Part 1

Part 2

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