How to dispose of a Classic Car Battery

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Classic Car Battery Disposal & Recycling

If you have recently replaced your Classic Car battery, or purchased a replacement online then you might be wondering what you should do with the old one. Well, Go Batteries are here to help.

When purchasing a replacement battery online, you may find it has been transported to you with plastic vials or transit bags. Along with your old battery the plastic vials or transit bags can contain spilled acid, so its important to dispose of these in an environmentally friendly way. A local service garage centre or recycling centre in accordance with the UK’s Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations. Please note there may be a small fee for this service. For more information on battery recycling and disposal visit

Battery Recycling

At Go Batteries we are dedicated to caring for the environment and believe that scrap batteries should be recycled and disposed of responsibly. All batteries which are recycled have 95% of the lead recovered and this is used by the manufacturers in the production of the new batteries, completing the cycle.

Benefits of Recycling

Safety Tips for Moving Batteries

Go Batteries guide to staying safe when handling batteries.

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