How to charge a Jet Ski Battery

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Charging Your Jet Ski Battery

One of the most annoying situations is if you’re looking forward to a thrilling day on the water, but your jet ski won’t start due to a flat or discharged battery. Perhaps it wasn’t used for some time or your battery is getting older, either way, there a number of reasons why you have to charge your Jet Ski battery.

This is why you have to start your jet ski as part of your pre-ride checks before heading to the water! The very best batteries can be discharge if you don’t look after them.

Battery Removal

Every manufacturer strongly recommends removing the battery from the jet ski when you want to charge the battery. Although it may seem inconvenient to remove the battery from the jet ski, it is far safer to do so. If you want to remove the battery from your jet ski, the first thing we strongly advise is you carefully read your owners manual. This will let you know the tools that you’ll need and the correct process they recommend as this may vary from model to model.

Battery Charging

Disconnecting Your Battery Charger

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