How to change a Motorcycle Battery

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How To Change a Motorcycle Battery

Every motorcycle owner can learn some basic maintenance skills, and replacing a motorcycle battery is both easy and important. Just like any other vehicle, a motorcycle will require a fresh battery from time to time. Removing the battery is also a necessary step in charging it or placing the motorcycle into storage.

Points to Note

Removing a Motorcycle Battery

After removing the battery, inspect it for any signs of damage, such as cracking. Be careful not to touch any leaking battery acid with your bare hands as it is very corrosive. Also be sure to clean the connection points of the battery cables to remove any acid or crystal build-up. This will improve the connection with the new battery. Special pads and gels are available to keep the connection points clean and transmit charge more efficiently.

Installing The Motorcycle Battery

Before installing the battery, make sure the battery cables and terminals are clean and free of any corrosion. Clean the battery tray of any dirt or residue acid prior to installation.

Whether you are installing a brand new battery, or a battery you have had on charge, even a battery you have stored over the winter, make sure it is clean, undamaged and fully charged. Once you are happy your battery is ready to be installed, you can begin the process.

After replacing a battery, it’s a good idea to test the motorcycle to ensure that everything works as it should. Turn on the ignition to check that the lights come on. Next, start the motorcycle. If it starts with no hesitation, the battery change was successful. If there are any problems starting the motorcycle, double-check the battery connection. If that does not work, there may be a mechanical problem with the bike or its electrical systems, or the battery may not be sufficiently charged.

Once your new battery is installed, be sure to dispose of your old battery safely and legally. You may be able to recycle your motorcycle battery through a local battery supply store, recycling centre or motorcycle repair shop.

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