How to change a Golf Battery

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Changing Your Golf Trolley Battery

When your golf trolley struggles to make it round the 9 or 18 holes, then the first place to look is the battery. As all of the power needs for the golf trolley come from the battery, replacing the battery from time to time is part of the scheduled maintenance. Learn how to change your golf trolley battery with ease so that you can get back out on the course.

Changing Your Deep Cycle Golf Cart Batteries

So, it’s time to change your Golf Cart Batteries. The signs are visible, your cart slows down and won’t complete 18 or 36! The batteries might not be taking a full charge and the time may have come to have them replaced. If you want to change the batteries yourself, then fear not. Follow our step by step guide to replace your batteries. Deep Cycle batteries, currently come in 3 forms, Wet flooded, AGM and Lithium technology. When replacing wet flooded battery extra care must be taken as acid can leak or spill and come into contact with your skin, eyes and protective clothing needs to be used to ensure your safety, always take precautions to limit risk.

You will need some tools to successfully remove and replace the batteries in your buggy   

We do NOT recommend the use of power tools for this type of maintenance.

Battery Replacement

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