EFB Enhanced Technology

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EFB Technology Explained

VARTA® offers enhanced flooded battery (EFB) products that deliver superior reliability and performance compared to standard lead-acid batteries for automotive and commercial vehicle applications. Our batteries are built to meet customers’ individual needs and are manufactured in facilities throughout Europe to meet the highest quality standards.

EFB Technology for Cars

EFB batteries support applications that operate at a partial state of charge and don’t require the deep-cycling characteristics of an AGM battery. A polyfleece scrim material, added to the positive plate surface, makes this possible. This helps to stabilise the active material of the plates, which increases the endurance.

Benefits include:

EFB Technology for Commercial Vehicles

The unique VARTA® Promotive EFB is a specifically designed battery for high-performance commercial vehicles and is the state of the art in acid stratification and vibration resistance. It is the only product in the market with mixing elements, exclusively developed and patented by Clarios, formerly Johnson Controls Power Solutions. EFB technology ensures reliable performance for all highly demanding applications and is ideal for end-of-frame installation.

Benefits include:

EFB Technology Features

Scrim is an additional polyester element between plate and separator. The scrim holds the active material in place inside the plate and avoids the erosion of mass. The result: enhanced deep cycle resistance and superior charge acceptance.

The glued fleece helps the plates keep their proper position at all times and in every condition.

Acid Circulation (Mixing Element)

The acid circulator avoids acid stratification. It’s a construction element that uses the natural movement of the vehicle to keep the acid inside the battery in constant circulation. The acid density stays at homogenous levels, which enhances charge acceptance and extends the overall battery life.

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