Battery Configuration 8

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Triple Capacity.

Voltage Remains The Same.


Three things to keep in mind:

  1. When connecting batteries in series, you increase the voltage and the amp-hour capacity remains the same. (see configuration 1)
  2. When connecting in parallel, the amp-hour capacity increases and the voltage remains the same. (see configuration 7)
  3. To increase both numbers, connect multiple sets in series/parallel. (see configuration 3)


Configuration 8:

Triple Capacity
Voltage Remains the Same



Connection of three matched batteries to triple the capacity at the same voltage. Used when even more engine cranking or deep cycle capacity is need at the same voltage beyond Figure 7 Configurations, e.g. trucks, buses, and marine engine cranking and trolling motors, RV’s, and small EV sweeper/scrubber applications.

(Note: For engine cranking applications, cranking amps (CCA) are multiplied by the number of parallel connections as with amp-hour capacity in deep cycle applications.)

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