Battery Configuration 4

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Quadruple Voltage.

Capacity Remain The Same.


Three things to keep in mind:

  1. When connecting batteries in series, you increase the voltage and the amp-hour capacity remains the same. (see configuration 1)
  2. When connecting in parallel, the amp-hour capacity increases and the voltage remains the same. (see configuration 7)
  3. To increase both numbers, connect multiple sets in series/parallel. (see configuration 3)

Configuration 4:

Quadruple Voltage
Capacity Remains the Same



Connection of four matched batteries to quadruple the voltage, e.g. 4x6V = 24V or 4x12V = 48V. Often used in golf cars, sweepers/scrubbers, and small EV and marine deep cycle applications or in large trucks, RV’s, and buses for engine cranking applications.

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