BLUETOP The Ultimate Power Source

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OPTIMA’s BLUETOP Heavy Duty Dual Purpose Batteries

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On the water, what takes you out has to bring you back. The OPTIMA® BLUETOP® battery delivers the power you can rely on. Its patented SPIRALCELL TECHNOLOGY® means more running time, faster recharge, and up to twice the life of traditional marine batteries. And it’s specifically built to handle the demanding challenges of marine applications.

The BLUETOP Advantage

The OPTIMA BLUETOP® Battery is a high performance AGM battery with exceptional runtime and more recharges than you would get from a traditional battery.In addition to its outstanding resistance to vibration, with the efficient power generation of the BLUETOP ® and faster recharge times, you will spend less time worrying about your battery. This means more hours of fun, time after time. This flexible boat and RV battery is ideal for those who need a power source that requires no maintenance, but provides a safe start with plenty of power.

The OPTIMA® BLUETOP battery is completely spill-proof and maintenance-free. It’s lightweight and can be mounted virtually anywhere and in any position. It’s over 15 times more resistant to vibration than other batteries, which matters in the hull of a boat. And it retains its charge longer and recharges faster thanks to its remarkably low self-discharge rate. And that can mean a quicker return to the water after the off-season.

BLUETOP® Deep Cycle

OPTIMA’s BT DC 4.2 and BT DC 5.5 BLUETOP batteries are dual-purpose batteries. They can be used in any deep-cycle (marine accessory, house applications, trolling motor, bow thrusters) or starting applications.

BLUETOP SLI (Starting, Lighting, Ignition)

OPTIMA’s BT SLI 4.2 BLUETOP battery is a starting battery. Although you can use a deep-cycle battery in any application, starting batteries can only be used for starting applications.


Video courtesy of Clarios – the world’s largest starter battery manufacturer, creating the world’s best batteries – manufacturer of the OPTIMA battery brand.

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