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OPTIMA – Our Promise

The OPTIMA® brand was founded upon performance that continuously provides ultimate power and endurance in the harshest of environments. With unstoppable brute strength, you can trust OPTIMA products to take you beyond what you thought possible.

Ultimate Power, for the ultimate professionals for the ultimate enthusiasts, and for the ultimate experience. That’s our goal each and every day, no matter how extreme the conditions, OPTIMA® delivers Ultimate Power. We look for every technological advantage to push the limits of what’s possible and leave pretenders in our dust.

We manufacture our own batteries in our own facilities to our demanding standards. To ensure quality and consistency in our batteries, no matter where they are being sold – our batteries are never re-labled or re-spec’d.

Because the Power Source we produce is a promise and a statement of will. It is the will to meet strength with strength, the will to be unstoppable and the will to perform without fail. We are driven to unleash our consumers’ full potential, provide brute power and to push peak performance. OPTIMA® offers ultimate professionals and enthusiasts all the power they can handle again and again. Ultimate Power.

   Video courtesy of Clarios – the world’s largest starter battery manufacturer, creating the world’s best batteries – manufacturer of the OPTIMA battery brand.

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